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Why Choose Us

Atal Tinkering Lab:

  • ATL is one of the prestigious achievements of our school, set up by the government of India under Niti Aayog.

  • It is serving as a platform for the young minds to give shape to their ideas, challenge themselves by coming up with high rigour ideation.

  • It is the work space where they get a chance to work with the tools and equipment to understand what, how and aspects of STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

  • Our young innovators identify the local and global problems and come up with feasible solutions. Also they challenge themselves by participating at various levels of competition, nurturing the school as an innovation hub.


  • The school canteen is a place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating for children.

  • Nutritious food intake enhance our children’s ability to learn and get information presented to them in the class.

  • It also plays an important role in reinforcing their knowledge, skills and behaviours about long term eating habits, food preferences and attitude towards food.


  • We have enough number of school buses to pick and drop the students in and around our school locality ensuring their safety as first priority.

Professional Teacher:

  • Teachers of Vishnu school are proficient in their subjects and passion for teaching and have strong moral values to inculcate traditional values among students.

  • The institution and the parents trust teachers as they are determined and dedicated.

  • Teachers help the students acquire necessary skills to take up new challenges.

  • The teachers nurture the children with love and care.

Digital Classes:

  • Digital learning is provided to students for enriching their knowledge and encompass the application of wide spectrum of practices.

Toys and Games:

  • Toys and games helps children to develop problem solving skills and teach about conflict resolution. It also teaches children about sharing, helps to develop their fine and gross motor skills and nurture their creativity and imagination.